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Small Business Digital Glow-Up

My children are constantly talking about glow-ups. I got intrigued to find out what it was and decided, after finding out that it meant (a physical, mental and emotional transformation for the better) to use the same concept with my clients.

Immediate Success

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing how your clients suddenly get swamped with new work after their digital glow-up transformation.

I started Alpiece Ltd in January 2021 after deciding to move my focus from large corporations and their digital and people transformation to instead concentrate on helping smaller businesses to thrive.

So far, even if we are only at the beginning of our transformation journey's, the measurable results amongst my clients have already been incredible rewarding.

Increased request for work quotes and converted business - increased several hundred per cent.
Successful growth - continuously growing customer engagement and following on social media.
Exceeding the forecast – impressive amount of new client acquisitions for brand new business.

Some of our valued clients already had a website and some social media presence when we started working together; they just needed some attention; a glow-up. Other clients were about to start a brand new business.

Our work together will be part of your bigger picture

We offer our clients focused and facilitated business strategy workshops where we explore and/or define your business strategy, opportunities, gaps, strength and weaknesses. In the end of the session we put together a clear bite sized improvement plan/backlog with divided and agreed responsibilities, objectives, budget and agreed ways of working together.

Let's identify a doable, important and high value objective to address - creating a momentum with a quick and exciting win.

Ask the right questions and brainstorm solutions

Why are we doing this? Is it to increase sales?

What do we have to do to increase sales? We could engage with our customers and prospects better and stand out from the competition. How can we increase engagement and get a competitive advantage?

  • Creating awesome accessible products and services at the right price at the right time.

  • Making it easy to buy from us.

  • Creating a responsive and mobile-friendly site for a modern and fresh look and feel that works well on all devices.

  • Designing the website, content, navigation, images, apps and functionalities with the target customer in focus.

  • Producing valuable content and social media posts with the right message, look and feel on the right social platform.

  • CRM, Marketing Automation and Analytics.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, add relevant keywords, location, descriptions and links.

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email and Social Media Marketing.

A bitesized transformation is far more likely to succeed.

It can be easy

Now, let's prioritise where we start our efforts and break down each bullet in achievable tasks. Highest value items first. We suggest using an engaging collaboration tool like Trello or Monday for great transparency of progress, priorities and task development.

Would you like to talk to a business advisor about how you can leverage digital applications, social selling and digital marketing in better ways for your company?
Are you wondering if and how you need to focus on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and content plan?
Is it time for a digital glow-up for your company?

Training Recommendation for small business owners

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of digital marketing and E-commerce for your business, I can warmly recommend Google's free course including certification (26 modules). Click here for more information and sign up.

At Alpiece, we offer solutions for an affordable digital transformation that translates into increased customer satisfaction, engagement and improved business results.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together on your business glow-up.

Louise Edwards

CEO Alpiece LTD

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